The Finest Ham In The World


Cinco Jotas is the unquestioned standard-bearer of Spanish gastronomy. Known unabashedly as “the finest ham in the world”, these limited-production hams are so sought after that distributors must reserve and pay for them 2-3 years in advance.

Sánchez Romero Carvajal has been producing Cinco Jotas Iberian Acorn Ham in Jabugo, Spain, for over one hundred years. One of the company's goals has been to preserve the purity of the species, Cinco Jotas pigs are 100% pure Iberian, descended directly from the prehistoric Mediterranean boar. Almost all other ham producers use cross-bred pigs of up to 15% English, as English pigs weigh more and produce more offspring.

The incomparable taste and quality of this Pure Iberian ham is largely due to this attention to genetic selection, which undergoes strict quality control to guarantee and safeguard the purity of this inimitable breed worldwide.

The Ibérico pig is raised “free range” with an acorn-based diet. The main oleic acids of the acorns infiltrate the meat during the acorn-rich montanera season.

The long curing process of 5 Jotas Jabugo Paleta Ham lasts over 1000 days and takes place in the natural cold environment of Sierra de Aracena outside the town of Jabugo.

Jabugo’s special microclimate and vast pastures make it the perfect environment to rear pure Iberian pigs and produce perfect Pata Negra ham.

The Maestro Jamonero or Master Ham Craftsman supervises each stage in the artisan production of Cinco Jotas ham, watching over it for days, months and even years with a critical eye, to achieve true 5J quality. Once the hams have been cured, they go through a rigorous selection process to ensure that only the best pieces, which reach the highest standards and which offer unrivalled quality, are selected.