Alba White Truffles

Alba White Truffles ‘the most prized’

The Alba or Acqualagna white truffle is spherical in shape, often flattened and irregular with lobes, cavities and protrusions. The outer or Peridium is smooth at most slightly papillate, and pale yellow or tending toward greenish or ochre, sometimes with reddish-brown blotches. The glebe (inside), crossed with many white veins, varies in colour from milky white to pink to hazelnut to brown. Truffles can grow to the size of a large apple, and exceptionally examples can be found weighing over a kilo.

White truffle hunting is allowed from late summer to early winter, reaching full maturity around the middle of October. White truffles only grow wild, and to date not cultivation techniques exist. As well as Italian regions, white truffles are also found in Croatia, (where production has been concentrated in Istria since the 1930’s) Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria.

The White Truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico) is mainly found in three areas of Italy: the Piedmont hills, the Po Valley and central parts of the southern Apennines. Piedmont truffles, particularly those found in Lange, Roero and Monferrato have an undisputable reputation, This is the Italian region with the most extensive truffle-producing territory and therefore where the largest number of White truffles are found.

Not sure what truffles amount of fresh truffle you need? We recommend 8-10g per person for as a main course, to really live the true white truffle experience!

Please Email us or call us on 01732 666 400 and we can answer any questions you have about Alba White Truffles and how to use them.

FINE & WILD - Italian White truffle Supplier & the UK’s largest importer of Fresh White Truffles

We import fresh white truffles from Italy every business day throughout the season. The reason for so many shipments is that we are committed to offering fresh truffles that have been hunted the day previous and are as fresh as possible. Our broker in Italy is one of the most highly respected and qualified white truffle specialists in Italy. Each truffle is hand selected and graded for its quality and aroma. Our demands are only the finest make it to our warehouse in the UK giving each of our customers the opportunity to experience the finest truffles available


We offer Alba White Truffles in two categories;

First Choice 10-19g small whole truffles or pieces of larger truffles (can exceed 19g) with some chips and scratches.

Extra Quality  - 20g+ size Whole truffles - Perfect.

For Individual 80g+ Extra Quality White Truffles. FINE & WILD offer a brokerage service whereby we will find the perfect truffle for your requirements, Pre-shipping we send you pictures and provenance on your prized specimen offering you the ability to make a decision before you make a purchase. 80g+ Size white truffles have a different price structure than smaller truffles as each one holds a unique value related to demand and individual quality. Please contact us directly for this service

FINE & WILD, Guarantees each fresh truffle for quality and freshness on the day you receive it. We offer a strict no fuss return/refund policy whereby if you use your fresh truffle within 2/3 days of us supplying it, following the guidelines of usage and storage which we suggest, and it is not perfect, we will replace it or refund your order.

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