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Bluefin tuna is a delicacy appreciated worldwide for its outstanding culinary and nutritional properties. Only a few products can make all the difference in the kitchen, and bluefin tuna is one example: a great ingredient worthy of the utmost care and respect.

Our  Bluefin Tuna comes from FUENTES - the world leader in bluefin tuna production; for over 30 years, their bluefin tuna has been the first choice in the most demanding market: Japan. Fuentes provides the finest bluefin tuna, maintaining all its taste and texture intact, with precisely the right level of fattiness and full guarantees in terms of health and respect for the species and its habitat.

Fuentes is also the world leader in pioneering the traceability process that enables individual identification and accreditation of every single tuna and its parts. For each piece of Bluefin tuna that they sell, Fuentes has a complete record of the Microbiological analysis and fat content of the tuna and can trace the product back to the sea. 

Fuentes Bluefin tuna is caught using the 'purse-seine technique, a highly sustainable fishing method designed for the non-capture of smaller fish. It also allows for the reproductive activity of the tunas even after their capture. ICCAT, a worldwide regulatory authority, allocates fishing quotas. Furthermore, a good portion of the generated income from the tuna is used to fund scientific research projects that directly support the sustainability of this prized species.

Bluefin tuna has been a notable feature of the Mediterranean diet for centuries, thanks to its numerous health-giving properties. Omega-3 fatty acids are one of its key features. It is also rich in minerals such as selenium, phosphorus and magnesium and provides a range of vitamins (A, B, B3, B9, B12 and D), as well as an outstanding source of high-biological value protein.

Our commitment is to guarantee a supply of bluefin tuna to our customers, offering the utmost quality and full guarantees regarding food safety and respect for the species and its habitat. 

*SASHIMI Grade refers only that we, the seller, have judged this product safe to eat raw.

AKIMI - The Prime Cut Par Excellence

Akimi is the most commonly used cut of tuna and is cut from the loin. It is low fat, high protein and healthy. It is better for raw preparations such as tartar and nigiri.

TORO - Fatty Tuna

Toro the fatty part of the tuna that comes from around the belly of the fish. It has a soft texture and melts in the mouth. It is the most expensive part of the tuna; each fish offers only a minimal quantity.

The toro is split into two parts otoro - the most highly prized and chutoro. 

Chutoro is the belly area known for its medium fatty quality ad the middle part between the Otoro and Akimi. Chu means 'middle' in Japanese; it is not too fatty nor too lean. It is similar to the Akimi with the addition of slight sweetness and a more pinkish colour graduating to deep red because of the higher level of fattiness at one end. 

The Chutoro is perfect for serving raw. As sashimi, sushi, tartar, ceviche or simply grilled or barbecued, the result is outstanding.

Otoro is the most prized and comes from the belly, which is the fattiest part of the tuna, The most legendary cut of tuna, and one of the most highly prized by lovers of fine cuisine. With a pinkish colour and silky, highly delicate texture, the belly, known as “Otoro”, is found at the base of the lower loin and contains the highest fat level.

The undisputed star of raw dishes, such as sushi, tartar and sashimi, although its versatility also allows it to shine in other forms, such as grilled, barbecued or in a range of casseroles. Some chefs cook it to create a striking roasted crust.

Buying & Preparation.

Before buying, we inspect each Bluefin tuna as a whole fish to guarantee the flesh's freshness, grade and colour. Whole tunas are air freighted to London each week. We watch as the tuna is butchered into its main parts, then select only the premium parts of the belly and the loin. 


To offer the best quality fish, we blast freeze the tuna to -50°c. This process is essential to optimise the freshness of the meat, as fresh tuna flesh deteriorates very quickly. The freezing process kills off microorganisms, ensuring the tuna is perfectly safe to eat as a raw product.

The tuna is then transferred to storage at -60°c to preserve the colour and freshness of the fish and ensure no deterioration of the flesh takes place over time.  

To ensure optimal quality, it is essential to remove the tuna from its packaging before defrosting. Placing it on a plate in the refrigerator is the preferred method, as this minimises the risk of liquid accumulation that may discolour the tuna if the packaging is retained. For the best experience, it is recommended to use the tuna promptly, as extended storage in a home freezer may affect its colour. Although discoloured tuna remains delicious and suitable for consumption, for an unparalleled experience, we encourage using the tuna as soon as possible.

The image is of a 450g Bluefin Tuna Otoro Slice. Please note that shapes vary.


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The vast majority of frozen food shipments arrive frozen but we cannot guarantee this.  In the event that your order has defrosted it should still be at a very low temperature when you receive it and therefore fine to put in straight in your freezer.  Refreezing is only unsafe if the product has reached 8°c. It is worth mentioning that supermarkets routinely sell defrosted food as "fresh", with the advice that it may be frozen when you get home.


All fresh truffles are sent in a foil resealable pack with an absorbent paper.  This is suitable for storing in your fridge.  If storing truffles for more than a few days we recommend wrapping them in paper towel or using a Tuberpac.  Fresh truffles are always best consumed as soon as possible.

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