Dried Porcini Mushrooms

Grade AA 

Porcini or also known as Cep mushrooms are a versatile variety often used in French and Italian dishes, for their delicious, umami-rich flavours. Their French name cep comes from the Gascon word for ‘trunk’, referring to the mushrooms’ thick, creamy stem. Their Italian name porcini, however, translates as ‘piglet’ and refers to the little, plump, spongy cup which has mild, nutty notes.

Usage: Rehydrate a few of the porcini mushrooms in warm water, and pop them in casseroles, tagliatelle or risottos. Also try breaking up the dry ceps, and adding them to a pan of rice while it's cooking to infuse it with wonderful flavours, and spot the plain rice with delicious pieces of mushroom.

Origin: Italy

Net: 100g


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