Fresh Summer Black Truffle

Tuber Aestivum 

Season:  April - September

Summer black truffles are the most widespread of all the valued truffle varieties. They are abundant in certain parts of the UK in areas of which are usually a closely guarded secret. Summer truffles are also found in Scandinavia, Germany, throughout the Iberian peninsula, through central and eastern Europe as far as Russia, Mongolia and into China.

The outside known as the peridium, is black with reddish tints, not unlike the Périgord black truffle but more course in texture. The inside or glebum is ivory to brown with veining. They do not have the same powerful aroma as Black Winter Truffles or White Alba Truffles so are not to be confused. However, they are delicious when ripe and sliced or grated on top of cooked eggs, pasta or vegetables and work well with warm salads and light fish dishes. 

Usage: Fresh Summer Black Truffles have quite a hard exterior and they are sometimes best prepared by removing the black outer layer. Gently scrape away the surface using a small pairing knife to reveal the softer light brown interior. Black Summer truffles should be shaved as thinly as possible over something hot, preferably buttery.

It is best practice to eat fresh truffles the day you buy them. If this is not possible then store them wrapped in kitchen paper in a glass jar in the warmest part of the fridge, usually the door. Check them daily and wipe away any moisture that has developed - consume within 7-10 days

Origin: Italy


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