TuberPac™ Fresh Truffle Storage Container

TuberPac™ Fresh Truffle Storage Container

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TuberPac™ is a purpose made fresh truffle storage container that has an airtight lid and inset absorbent material to gather any excess moisture that is a natural omitted during in fresh truffle storage.

It is said when stored in the TuberPac™ refrigerated fresh truffles will last longer as it slows down moisture loss which is a major factor in their spoilage.

Our fresh truffles are dispatched in sealed foil packs with an absorbent material as standard but this method is used for shipping only so we recommend purchasing a TuberPac™ if you are not going to use your fresh truffles straight away.

Recommended for truffles weighing up to 50g

*image is for display purposes only - fresh truffle/slicer not included