Baerii Caviar


Caviar De Neuvic - Baerii Signature

The Baerii Signature Caviar comes from the Acipenser Baerii sturgeon and is organically raised in Neuvic, in Aquitaine.

In the mouth, this producer's caviar is characterized by the melting texture of the eggs. A touch of hazelnut on the finish. A palette of delicate sensations gives this quality its elegance and balance.

The purity and power of a beautiful vodka will offer an interesting counterpoint to the buttery and gourmet notes of caviar.

Respect of the environment, fish welfare, research and innovation are the core values of Caviar de Neuvic.  They fully control the fish farming and caviar production using 100% organic food for their sturgeons and giving them the best conditions to grow up, using constantly renewed crystal-clear water and low fish density. They also avoid handling the fishes too often to let them roam naturally in their habitat. 

Store in the refrigerator between 0-4 °c

Ingredients: Sturgeon eggs (Acipenser Baerii), salt, E285

Origin: Neuvic, France

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