Frost Salt


Givre De Sel - Frost Salt

The snow in the middle of the desert. 

It is in the depths of the Egyptian white desert, a stretch of 20 km between the oasis of Bahariya and the city of Qasr el Farafra, that a Bedouin and his son alone hold the secret of frost salt. At a specific spot in the desert, they search the sand to reveal a salt quarry from a 70 million-year-old sea. They then dig the quarry and collect the crystalline salt, which takes its name from its aerial texture close to frost 

By its extraordinary texture, this salt is unique and must be used as a finishing touch! Like the refined beauty of the desert, the salt frost enhances but above all magnifies the dishes. It is a diamond to offer to your most delicate dishes, a gift to make to your guests. This salt is very dry and melts slowly. It allows original presentations even on hot dishes.

Usage: Bread of country bread and shredded butter with salt frost. Grilled crayfish with herbs and frost of salt. Bites of artisanal foie gras with "frosted" edges. Dark chocolate tartlets, very black with a frosty pinch. Homemade caramel sweets rolled in the frost of salt.

Origin: Eygpt

Net Weight: 45g

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