Cooked King Crab Leg Meat


Cooked Red King Crab 100% Leg Meat - Cooked

(Paralithodes Camtschaticus)

Red king crabs can weigh 4 to 5 kilograms on average and measure up to 1.80m in wingspan. Its characteristics and its fishing in the icy waters of the sea give it an unparalleled quality, the crab has a pronounced flavour and a pleasant texture on par if not better than lobster.

This delicious king crab is lovingly prepared by our friends at 'Chatka' - world leaders in king crab fishing and production.

Usage: This Chatka king crab 100% leg meat is cooked and is carefully hand peeled. This exceptional product can be eaten straight from the jar, served with lemon and tarragon mayonnaise or aioli and accompanied by fresh sourdough. It also works very well flaked over salads. 

It can also be used for hot dishes in which case we suggest quickly pan-frying in a small amount of olive oil and turning frequently. Further accompaniments can include salmon or trout roe, or for a luxurious finish, or fresh caviar!


Net: 250g

Contains: Shellfish

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