Fresh Tagliatelle Pasta


Hand Made Bronze Die Pasta From 'La Tua Pasta' - Award Winning Pasta Artisan

Although believed to have originated in Emilia-Romagna, tagliatelle is a traditional pasta in most of North and Central Italy. There are many traditional recipes for this pasta, particularly in Tuscany, Lazio, Umbria and Le Marche. This pasta was originally always made like an egg pasta. However, today, you can often find it available as a durum pasta, as well.

Tagliatelle is an interesting type of pasta for 3 reasons. Firstly, in order to be called tagliatelle, these pasta ribbons have to have a particular width (normally 6-8mm wide). Make them too narrow or thicker and they could become fettuccine! Thinner still, and you may end up with bavette or tagliolini! Make them too wide and they will turn into pappardelle!

Usage:  Despite the fact that everybody talks about spaghetti bolognese, traditionally tagliatelle is the pasta of choice for ‘bolognese’ in Italy. Bolognese sauce, needless to say, comes from Bologna. But, in Bologna, they don’t normally call it ‘bolognese’. They call it ‘ragu’, meaning meat sauce. All though traditionally tagliatelle is deemed 'to wide'  to be served with fresh truffles it is still delicious served in this way

Net Weight: 500g

Suitable for home freezing

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