Gambero Rossa - Scarlet Prawns


Rossa Di Mazara - Scarlet Prawns XXL - 1kg

The Sicilian Scarlet Prawn lives at about 700 meters of depth where it lets itself be caressed by the strong sea currents that make it pure. The high evaporation of the Mediterranean Sea enriches it with mineral salts giving it that unmistakable and unique taste.

The expert hands of Captain Paolo Giacalone, the attention to detail and the innate vocation for quality culminate in the RISERVA seal, a symbol of excellence that expresses the uniqueness of 'Rossa di Marzara' prawn appreciated throughout the world. A unique heritage made of passion, talent and experience, handed down by skilled sailors who with their expertise contribute to the primacy of the company.

Usage: These renowned prawns are delicious when the shells are peeled with the head remaining then marinated in olive oil with chopped garlic, fresh chilli then lightly grilled and served with fresh coriander. 

Origin: Sicily

Net: 1kg. Contains 20/23 XXL Prawns (IQF Frozen)