Japanese a5 Wagyu Ribeye Steak 300g


Japanese Wagyu a5 Ribeye Steak

BMS 7-8

Wagyu beef is synonymous with a really, really good steak. But there’s wagyu and then there’s Japanese wagyu!

The title “Ito Wagyu” is given only to the very best black wagyu beef of at least grade 4, which has undergone rigorous care from fattening to processing, then has been handpicked by seasoned connoisseurs. Ito wagyu is rated the 'best in the world' and has only been allowed to be exported from Japan in the last few years.  Australia breeds very good wagyu, but Ito wagyu is a very specialised, high-quality product.”

All a5 wagyu beef comes from the Kuroge Washu breed, specifically the Tajima strain raised in Hyogo prefecture. Just like champagne has to be made from the Champagne region of France, real Kobe beef can only come from Kobe in Japan. The taste, texture and quality are the product of the local soil, climate and conditions.

Usage: This 300g Ribeye steak is cut from fresh in the UK with the idea of offering the option to serve two people. Wagyu is very rich so you do not need a huge amount. Each steak is cut the entire way across the rib joint and is at least 1cm thick.

Japanese wagyu steak is best when cooked medium-rare to medium. This allows the intramuscular fat to caramelise and become crisp which, once rested still allows the steak to be perfectly tender while realising the true flavour of the wagyu. 

Origin: Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

Net Weight: 300g+

Important Note: All of our Wagyu beef is delivered into the UK as fresh whole muscles. We cut the wagyu steaks here in the UK and were possible will always send you a fresh product. 

IQF Freezing: This product has been Individually Quick Frozen. The ultra-rapid freezing process prevents large ice crystals forming that damage cells and tissue fibres. Upon defrosting IQF wagyu steaks, you will find the same fantastic quality and performance as you would a fresh product.  

We can supply larger Wagyu joints before cutting upon request.


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