English Lump Wood Charcoal


British Sustainable Lump Charcoal 

Our hand selected Lump Wood charcoal is ideal for any BBQ occasion, delivered in a tough double-walled, recyclable box, ideal for delivery and storage. This range includes 40-80cm pieces of lump charcoal from English Oak, Beech, Hazel & Hornbeam trees forested under strict and purposeful conditions from sustainable British woodlands.

The raw wood has been slowly kiln dried to offer the ultimate in natural wood flavours, perfect for the discerning, sustainable conscious, live-fire cooking guru. 

We take extra care when selecting and packing the lump wood pieces to ensure that maximum burnable yield is achieved. Our Lump Charcoal is easy to light and can be re-lit if not entirely exhausted. Chemical free and super pure flames ensure that your charcoal is the very best product available.

Our entire charcoal range is 100% British wood that has gained a royal warrant for firewood and kindling.

Net Weight 8 KG

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