Madagascan Black Peppercorns

Poivre Noir de Madagascar

In Madagascar, pepper cultivation was introduced at the beginning of the 20th century by the Frenchman Emile Prudhomme following a mission to Java.

He was then director of the National Institute of Agronomy Colonial and in charge of developing the culture of coffee, tobacco and pepper on the island. He writes about this in 1899 in a note on agriculture:  "It has not yet been made serious trials of pepper culture in Madagascar, but there is reason to believe in the success of this creeper on most of the east coast". The introduction of pepper started in Nossi-Be and then developed in Sambirano.

Usage: A spicy pepper with wood and fruity notes.
This black pepper from Madagascar works well with white meat, a gratin or a simple salad of tomatoes

Origin: Madagascar

Net Weight: 70g

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