Fresh Malfada Pasta


Hand Made Bronze Die Pasta From 'La Tua Pasta' - Award Winning Pasta Artisan

 Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess called Mafalda of Savoy, the second daughter of King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy.  When Mafalda was born in 1902, some pasta makers created a new type of pasta to mark the occasion.

Malfadine is a typical Neopolitan pasta, The pattern resembles the lace used in the precious dresses made for the princess.

Mafaldine, also known as Mafalda or reginette (meaning little queens) are long wide flat pasta ribbons, similar to pappardelle, with scalloped or ruffled edges.  They are made from durum wheat semolina and water and extruded through traditional bronze dies.

Usage:  In Naples, Malfaldine are traditionally prepared with light simple sauces such as ‘malfaldine con ricotta in Bianco’ which contains sheep’s milk ricotta, lard and pecorino cheese or ‘con Ceci’ with chickpeas or with Tropea onion sauce. However, you can also find them served with seafood or meat sauces.

In Sicily, Mafaldine is often baked in a ‘timballo’ or made with swordfish or with anchovies, tomato paste, pine nuts and raisins. In Puglia, malfaldine are used to celebrate St Joseph’s day (March 19th), which is also father’s day in Italy, with a dish called ‘La Barba di San Giuseppe’ meaning St Joseph’s beard! The Mafaldine are supposed to represent ‘the beard’! 

Net Weight: 1kg

Suitable for home freezing

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