Pommery Raspberry Vinegar

Vinaigre de Framboise

Pommery raspberry vinegar is made from barrel-aged white wine vinegar with the addition of natural raspberry syrup.

Moutarde de Meaux is best known for their world-famous Pommery mustards. They’ve also been producing vinegar since 1865, with the same care and passion for great flavour. Just like their mustards, Pommery vinegar comes in traditional stoneware bottles with a natural cork stopper and wax seal.

Usage: Pommery Raspberry vinegar works well as a base for warm vinaigrettes when served with feathered game. It also works well with poached fruits, ice cream and on its own in cheese-based salads.

Ingredients: wine vinegar (6% acidity). Contains sulphites, raspberry syrup (water, sugar, raspberries,)

Origin: France

Net: 500ml


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