Weekend Gift Box


This gift box is the perfect companion for your weekend trips full of emblematic salts, peppers and spices to ensure gastronomic delights are never too far away.

Here are a few ideas of delicious weekend recipes from the booklet included in the gift box: Cajun spiced potatoes, barbecued salmon steak with trappers mix or crunchy shrimp skewers with Gomasio. A wealth of tasty summer dishes to enjoy with family and friends!

This box contains:

-  Penja white pepper
-  Voatsiperifery pepper
-  Timur berry
-  Trappers Mix
-  Cajun Mix
-  Gomasio
-  Raz el hanout
-  Viking Salt
-  Fleur de sel with grilled spices
-  Madras Curry powder
-  Pimenton de la vera
-  Roasted black curry powder

And a booklet with a description of each product, how they are grown and harvested and of course, how best to use them to enchant your guests and hosts!