Wild Langoustines


Wild Langoustines (Scampi)

This scampi comes from an artisanal coastal fishery in the freezing waters of Norway. They are fished more than 300 meters deep by fifteen boats of less than 20 meters which brave the day the currents of the Midjorden Fjord.

Raised alive with the help of traps, the fishermen undertake to catch only twenty kilos a day. This ultra-selective fishing technique makes it possible to put back into their natural habitat, live langoustines, which are too small. They are weaned in seawater for more than 48 hours to guarantee you a product of incomparable quality.

Net: 1Kg - 4/7 Extra Large Langoustines

Storage: Keep frozen at -18°C until the expiry date mentioned on the pack or Keep refrigerated for 24 hours before consumption