Ethical Goose Foie Gras (125g)

100% Natural Goose Foie Gras - 'Mi-Cuit'


The only foie gras in the world obtained without gavage (forced feeding). A seasonal foie gras obtained in winter thanks to the migration instinct of wild geese, raised in total freedom that has a diet of seeds, natural grass and acorns. The “mi-cuit” foie-gras is pasteurised and shows a beautiful pink colour and a very fine texture, a product more unctuous and authentic.

The best moment to enjoy Foie Gras is during appetizers or at the beginning of lunch or dinner when the palate is not yet influenced by other flavours. Remove from fridge 20 mins before use. Spoon on toasted sourdough bread and sprinkle fleur de sel or foie gras spices. Avoid sweet loaves of bread like brioche and pain d'Epice as they tend to overpower the wonderful aftertaste. Accompaniments such as wine jellies and light fruit chutneys work well in moderation.

Ethical - Without force feeding (gavage), cruelty-free with a huge focus on animal welfare.

Organic - The Geese feed on acorns and grains that are free from pesticides, synthetic fertilisers and GMO’s

Sustainable - The farm estate where the geese are reared is sustainably managed, protecting the ecosystem and its biodiversity.

Natural - The animals natural seasonal cycle means it instinctively accumulates fat during the winter months in preparation for its migration period.

FINE & WILD - Exclusive UK Suppliers of Ethical Non-Force-Fed Foie Gras

Wine Pairing

The unctuous character and the creaminess of the Foie Gras demands an excellent late harvest wine. Better to avoid young wines. Traditionally the wine that goes with Foie Gras is Sauternes or Jurançon. For a more modern combination, we suggest rosé Champagne, sweet white wines from Jerez (Pale Cream) or Porto wine. If you want to enjoy our foie with a bit of marmalade or chutney, we recommend to avoid citric fruits and try apple, figs or more exotic mango.

For storage, Keep refrigerated between 0ºC to +4ºC.

Sousa & Labourdette
Sousa & Labourdette
“Commercially produced, force-fed foie gras is essentially a small amount of liver flavoured by a whole lot of fat. Sousa's foie gras is very different, it is a whole lot of liver enhanced by a small amount of fat. Having tried and tested this product for quality and taste, it is in a league of its own compared to all other foie gras brands available. ”

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