Cinco Jotas '5J' - Jámon De Bellota

The incomparable taste and quality of this Cinco Jotas, pure Iberico ham is largely due to this attention to genetic selection, which undergoes strict quality control to guarantee and safeguard the purity of this inimitable breed worldwide.

The Cinco Jotas, Pata Negra pig is raised “free range” with an acorn-based diet. The natural fatty oleic acids of the acorns that the pigs feed on, infiltrate the meat by transferring exquisite aromas and flavours to the ham, giving rise to a unique quality meat. The Jamôn is so prized, it is considered as one of Spain's national culinary treasures.

Quite simply, Cinco Jotas - Jamon Iberico offers a wholly unique, gastronomic experience.

FINE & WILD – suppliers of quality Cinco Jotas - Jamôn Ibérico 

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