Jamôn de Bellota (70g)

Pre-Sliced Pata Negra - Jamôn Ibérico


Authentic hand-carved Cinco Jotas Acorn-fed 100% Ibérico Ham, in individual packets of 70g. An exquisite ham patiently hand-carved by master carvers. Thanks to the meticulously slow carving process, which prevents abrasions and overheating, the properties of the product remain unadulterated and delicious. 

The convenient packaging in delicate slices makes it possible to eat right away, bringing the aroma and taste of a Cinco Jotas directly from the meadows to your dinner table. This is a 100% healthy product, an indispensable part of the Mediterranean diet. Enjoy authentic Iberian ham, the only downside is that you should have ordered more!

FINE & WILD - UK Suppliers of Cinco Jotas Iberico Ham

Sliced Cinco Jotas
Sliced Cinco Jotas
“This incredible Jámon literally comes alive with flavour at it's optimum serving temperature of 24°C. Ideal as the perfect starter served with ripe Cantaloupe melon for a classic feel, or with baby plum tomatoes, a chunk of freshly baked bread and a crisp glass of Spanish Verdejo.”

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