Organic Olive Oil - Exotic Seasonings

Winner of Numerous International awards our organic extra olive oil is produced on a fully self-sufficient, solar-powered olive oil farm in the province of Almería in Spain. The importance of cold pressed extra virgin Olive oil in terms of health benefits cannot be matched by regular olive oil in which a lot of the natural elements have been removed by overproduction.

In the same terms, our balsamic vinegar from Modena in Italy is made using the time-honoured fashion of maturing cooked grape must in traditional oak barrels. We offer varying degrees of age, acidity and density.

The use of our high-quality 'exotic seasonings' range will elevate the finish of your dishes to new heights. It is easy to overlook such a basic thing in cookery, but not only do these products provide an alternative in terms of flavour, our 'pure salt' range offers massive health benefits as it is full of vital minerals essential for a healthy life.