Caviar De Neuvic - French Organic Caviar

In the heart of the historic and gourmet Dordogne, the village of Neuvic in France has given its name to a brand of the producer: Caviar de Neuvic.

When connoisseurs think of caviar, their mind usually turns to Russia and in particular to the luxurious 'Beluga' caviar produced from the 'Huso Huso' sturgeon in the Caspian Sea. Due to the scarcity of fish most sturgeon species are now banned from being caught in the Caspian seas, countries like France have created a successful industry in farming caviar from different species of Sturgeon. It may not be the obvious choice but top French caviar can more than compete with the world's best with its delicate texture and fine, nutty flavour.

More than a privilege, caviar is a capsule of invigorating energy, filled with proteins, minerals, vitamins and oils essential for life. Caviar de Neuvic is the pioneer of this new organic, sustainable caviar culture.

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