Pure Salts & Exotic Seasonings

We are privileged to offer the UK's most comprehensive selection of wonderful products from 'Terre Exotique', the world's number one spice company based in France.

The use of high quality seasonings such as these will elevate the finish to your dishes to new heights. It is easy to overlook such a basic thing in cookery, but not only do these products provide and alternative in terms of flavour, our 'pure salt' range offers massive health benifits as it is full of vital minerals essential for a healthy life..

Move over refined table salt your time is truly up!

Urban Truffle – Suppliers of High Quality Salts and Seasonings from around the World

All orders that we dispatch are packaged using only the highest quality of materials, ensuring that they reach you in perfect condition. All UK orders will arrive the next day thanks to our speedy courier service. Please visit  Shipping & Delivery  for more information on our delivery service.