Périgord Black Truffles

Périgord Black Truffle

Tuber Melanosporum Vitt.

Season: December - March (Northern Hemisphere)  June - August (Southern Hemisphere)

The Périgord black truffle is native to the Mediterranean regions of France, Italy, parts of Croatia, Serbia, and the greater parts of northern Spain. They are found at 250m-1000m above sea level and the season runs from early December to March, provided that the regions receive a good downpour in July and August to encourage the infant truffles to swell.  In the European Summer Months, Black Truffles are available from Chile and Australia and are every bit as good as their European counterparts.

When lifted from the earth black truffles look like a lump of charcoal. The size varies from as small as a raisin to as big as an orange, although even larger specimens emerge. The skin is ink black with a reddish tinge (though this can indicate a lack of ripeness). The surface when washed is made up of tiny pyramids likened to diamonds fresh from the cutter. The inside is a deep chocolate colour, veined with tightly packed, caramel-coloured spore material that is as smooth as silk.

Black truffles should be shaved as thinly as possible over something hot, preferably buttery.

FINE & WILD guarantee each fresh truffle for quality and freshness on the day you receive it. We offer a strict no fuss return/refund policy whereby if you use your fresh truffle within 2-3 days of us supplying it, following the guidelines of usage and storage which we suggest, and it is not perfect, we will replace it or refund your order.

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