FINE & WILD is a UK based independent retailer of high quality foods, including Fresh Truffles, Wild mushrooms, Japanese Wagyu & Kobe Beef, Organic Caviar, Iberico Ham, French Poultry & Exotic Seafood.

EVERY order we send is prepared by hand and every product we sell is checked for quality - Very much like how ingredients are selected in the worlds best restaurants. Michelin quality ingredients for the home? We think so. 

Founded in 2015 with the bold intention of bridging the gap between exquisite, exclusive ingredients, and the food lovers who seek them, FINE & WILD has grown into a trusted source of luxury foods from around the world.

We are discerning team with a wealth of experience: cooks, chefs, and food insiders, who will go to great lengths to put nature’s rarest and most delicious gems on your table. We have access to suppliers who only produce the very best: fine foods that until now have been nearly impossible to access.

We are ‘hands-on’ in our selection process, and have had the pleasure of cooking and tasting everything we offer. We operate with integrity and don’t stock anything that we don’t love – only foods that meet our standards make the cut. The joy of eating and enthusiasm for our products is in the DNA of the company: Our aim is to deliver exceptional, Michelin standard ingredients. We are UK based with our own facility, ensuring we have unparalleled control over how our foods are stored and distributed.

Our supply lines are transparent: Our Wagyu can be traced to source, our fresh produce is hand-picked, we have people on the ground unearthing the best truffles. We build personal relationships and do and not work with middle men – this means we can deliver you an honest product at an honest price. Our offering is constantly evolving: relentless in our pursuit of the best, we are always looking to improve our selection. In an agricultural system that is increasingly mass-produced, we choose our partners carefully, favouring those who share our principles of ethical farming, animal welfare, and minimal food waste.

We seek to promote and deliver food of rare and unique provenance, providing uncompromising quality for those who value authentic flavour.

It is our passion to share gourmet ingredients with likeminded people. Thank you for your continued enjoyment and confidence in our products,