Penja Black Pepper


Poivre Noir de Penja

The outstanding character and flavour of this black Penja pepper are due to the naturally rich and balanced volcanic soils in which it grows. In 2014, it became the first product of the African continent to obtain Protected Geographic Indication status (PGI). This black Penja pepper will delight your stews, goat cheese and strongly flavoured meats.

Penja pepper became in 2014, the first Protected Geographical Indication of the African continent. It is harvested near the city of Penja, in the province of Moungo.

Once picked, the fresh green pepper is sun-dried for a few days. Under the effect of the sun, the water contained in the grains of fresh green pepper evaporates. The green grains are depigmenting and blackening, wrinkles appear. We then obtain the first black peppercorns from Penja.

This pepper is sorted grain by grain by the expert hands of Cameroonian women. The volcanic lands of Penja give black pepper aromas of camphor, incense and leather.

On the palate, it has an acidic and biting heat, reminiscent of the tannic smell of red wine. Its tangy, warm, biting notes go hand in hand with roasted meat and mashed sweet potatoes.

Usage: This Penja black pepper is perfect for a pepper sauce, roast beef fillet, a thin fish fillet, duck breast with peaches, simple vegetable pie or pear caramelized with honey.

Origin: Cameroon

Net weight: 70g

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