Caviar De Neuvic

No fish species is more ancient today than sturgeon. We find the trace of this strange fossil fish more than 30 million years ago. 
It is true that under the clear waters of the basins, the black and slow shadows of these reptilian fishes evoke a prehistoric era.

From head to tail, a line of white dotted lines can only guess their passage as they sink into the water to draw food. When the eggs of sturgeon females reach maturity, it is not uncommon for the weight of these sturgeon eggs to exceed ten kilograms.

Such a long story could only feed the most beautiful legends. 
The oldest people of the sea, Egyptians and Phoenicians, already tasted the flesh of the sturgeon that they kept in salt to consume throughout their journeys. In the 7th century BC, coins struck in the port of Carthage bore the effigy of the famous fish. Aristotle already attributed to him many medicinal and other virtues.

The Romans already celebrated the rarity and quality of sturgeon: it was served at the largest banquets on richly decorated dishes and his arrival was greeted by trumpet concerts. Cicero already deplored the unreasonable price ...

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