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What is Pata Negra?

Pata Negra is a kind of Ibérico pig. They are black with very little hair. Their black hooves are a source of the phrase “Pata Negra” which describes the black hoof that remains on the ham throughout the curing process and distinguishes it from a Serrano ham. They come from Spain and made with Iberian ham and salt.

To make the Jamón Ibérico last, our advice is to store Joselito sliced ham in a room or fridge from 4 to 10°C. For boneless Joselito, you might preserve it in the fridge at 2-6°C and covered with a cloth. The bone-in Joselito should be conserved in a fresh and dry room.

The Ibérico ham service makes a difference according to cut a thin slice of Jamón Ibérico on a slice of bread. It’s very simple, pure and yummy. The fat of Joselito Ham is very aromatic and so fluid that it melts in the mouth flooding the palate with an incomparable flavour, full of nuances, intense and prolonged taste. If you want to be fancy, try to rub the slice of toasted bread with tomato puree and garlic. It’s certificated by many ham lovers in the UK. For the best result, it is recommended to take Joselito Jamón Ibérico sliced out of the fridge at least 60 min before consumption.

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What the difference between Ibérico ham and Serrano ham?

Jamón Ibérico, Jamón Serrano difference

The difference between Jamón Ibérico and Jamón Serrano follows a specific vocabulary. You will understand better how to classify Spanish hams by using vocabulary related to pig breed, diet and cut.

Pig’s breed:

  • Jamón ibérico: It comes from black pigs and has four types as Jamón de Bellota, Recebo, Cebo de campo and Cebo.
  • Jamón serrano: It comes from white pigs.


  • Jamón ibérico: The diet is based on acorns (translated as “bellota”), natural products or cereals. Pigs are raised at the best on pastureland for Bellota ham and commercially reared for Jamón de Cebo. Jamón Ibérico is cured when is maturing more than 36 months of natural maturing.
  • Jamón serrano: These pigs are fed a diet of cereals, raised on farms and fed a diet of cereals. They are cured, also in Spain, for 8 months to 2 years.


  • Jamón Ibérico: back legs, bone-in or boneless. Watch the video “How to slice an Iberian ham?”
  • Jamón Serrano: back legs, bone-in or boneless.

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Why is Pata Negra so expensive?

Pata Negra is the finest ham in the world and there is a secret to make it right. Spain has ancient oak pastures, noble black Ibérico pig and the mountain air. All of those elements make up the secret to magically transform jamón ibérico into one of the World, the most delicious foods.

Our Pata Negra from Joselito has the first type according to the purity of the pig’s breed. That makes the meat juicier and with more aroma. It’s the result of at least 3 years of the curing process. Those Iberian pigs have the fourth grade, based on the diet of the pigs. They are only fed with acorns and natural products as grass. Jamón ibérico de bellota has a longer process than other Iberian ham. This made up a lovely texture and a deep ruby red colour.

The production of jamón ibérico is strictly regulated that means ibérico ham has to be check and obtain the domination of origin as a quality proof. Only 4 regions in Spain have this D.O:

  • North: Salamanca and the town of Guijuelo, where Joselito lives. Joselito is well-known and famous in Spain. The brand is also known by the Ham Lovers in the UK.
  • West: The province of Huelva and town of Jabugo.
  • East: Valle de Los Pedrochos
  • South: Region of Extremadura

We trust JOSELITO for his finest quality and his well-known in Spain. This brand has more than a century of experience. Joselito has carefully amassed the secrets of a long-standing tradition of six generations that have shared one single goal: to make the Best Ham in the World. FINE & WILD select the best products and carry them in the UK.

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