Wasabi Powder


This powdered Wasabi from Sakhalin Island has fresh and spicy notes. Mix with soy sauce to accompany poultry. Fish and fried vegetables from the garden.
The essential of Japanese cuisine!

In Japanese, "Wasabi" means "hollyhock mountain" because the two plants had morphological similarities. It is traditionally used in Japanese cuisine in powder or paste form. It is cultivated on the mountainsides of the island of Sakhalin.

Food and spice pairing: cod en papillote, julienne of vegetables, vinaigrette, cold soups, baked rabbit, baked chicken, salmon cake, avocado and tomato verrine.

How to make a homemade Wasabi paste?  Mix a small dose of powder and a few drops of soy sauce and you will get the famous wasabi paste.

Net: 60g