Caviar De Neuvic - A New Breed Of Caviar


The Environmental Commitment.

Fish populations are dwindling and therefore need to be protected to save the species. This is a lesson for contemporary fish farming, which must adopt an irreproachable ethic and responsible behaviour. Caviar de Neuvic's environmental commitment be summed up in three key ideas and is at the heart of the brand's approach. 

Respect for the Fish 
Old and fragile fish, the sturgeon must be handled to a minimum. The respect of their way of life is decisive for the final quality of the caviar. This is why we interact with them only during transfers of pools and a few steps, to ensure their serenity and comfort. In addition, the density of occupancy of fish per pond is voluntarily much lower than the norms. Of course, in order to promote their natural balance and their diet is 100% organic.

Mastery of Breeding and Elaboration 
We feed our basins with the waters of the Isle. They welcome all of our fish serving, to elaborate our Baeri caviar. The production workshop combines technological innovation, compliance with sanitary standards and respect of know-how to guarantee quality and maximum safety. 

Respect of the Environment
Our Domain is a diversified and unique ecosystem. The water is recycled in a fishing circuit crossing the Estate, then retired to return to the Isle. Goats, horses and other pets contribute to the respect and balance of all natural elements. 

The innovation of research, the protection of the natural environment and the respect of know-how are at the heart of the very high-quality ambition of Caviar de Neuvic.


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