Caviar De Neuvic - Oscietra

Caviar De Neuvic

This caviar is elegant and radiant. Its firm grains with golden highlights, of good size, burst in the mouth and reveal delicate marine notes.

From the sturgeonAcipenser Gueldenstaedti raised in Neuvic, France.

To accompany
The lively minerality and delicately floral accords of a large Puligny Montrachet will happily meet the sensual and subtly buttery notes of reserve caviar. The beautiful meeting of two pure, precise, powerful structures sublimated with a surprising freshness. Fresh caviar should be handled and eaten using a non-metallic implement such as a Mother Of Pearl Caviar Spoon

Ingredients: Sturgeon eggs (Acipenser Gueldenstaedti), salt, E285

Allergens: Fish

Preservation: In the refrigerator between 0 and 4 °c

Origin: France

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