Baerii Caviar - Reserve


Caviar De Neuvic - Baerii Reserve

The most beautiful grains are selected for their rarity and incomparable taste.

The firm and silky texture of the eggs unfolds in the mouth buttered and woody notes whose chords extend long.

Respect of the environment, fish welfare, research and innovation are the core values of Caviar de Neuvic. They fully control the fish farming and caviar production using 100% organic food for their sturgeons and giving them the best conditions to grow up, using constantly renewed crystal-clear water and low fish density. They also avoid handling the fishes too often to let them roam naturally in their habitat. 

Fresh caviar should be handled and eaten using a non-metallic implement such as a Mother Of Pearl Caviar Spoon

Pairing: The lively minerality and delicately floral accords of a large Puligny Montrachet will happily meet the sensual and subtly buttery notes of reserve caviar. 

Ingredients: Sturgeon eggs (Acipenser baerii), salt, E285

Origin: Neuvic, France

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