Confit Organic Goose Legs

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Obtained from 100% organic, free range geese, a variety descending from the European wild goose “Anser anser“, raised in fields while keeps its winter migration instinct.

This is exceptional meat, salted, spiced and slow cooked in its own fat. With a fine hunting flavour, it shows countryside traces thanks to its acorn, natural pastures and seeds regime and plus its free-range lifestyle.

Usage: Remove from bag and heat in a hot oven for 20 minutes to achieve a crunchy texture. We suggest to enjoy it with a puree, potato ”gratin”, chutney, apple, fig or mango marmalade.
We recommend a classic and well aged decanted red wine like Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Rioja o Ribera del Duero.

Pack Contains 2 confit organic goose legs, individually vacuum packed.

Origin: Spain

Net weight: 700g +/-

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