Red King Crab Leg Meat - Cooked


Red King Crab 100% Leg Meat - Cooked

(Paralithodes Camtschaticus)

Red king crabs can weigh 4 to 5 kilograms on average and measure up to 1.80m in wingspan. Its characteristics and its fishing in the icy waters of the sea give it an unparalleled quality, the crab has a pronounced flavour and a pleasant texture on par if not better than lobster.

This delicious king crab is lovingly prepared by our friends at 'Chatka' - world leaders in king crab fishing and production.

Cooking Tip: This Chatka king crab 100% leg meat is cooked and the shell carefully removed. This exceptional product can be eaten straight from the jar, served with lemon and tarragon mayonnaise or aioli with a drop of tabasco on top of toasted sourdough.  It also works well salads and lends itself well to being flaked as each leg portion contains a small, easily removable cartilage.

If you are a big lover of king crab and do not mind putting in a little extra work then try our raw shelled version of this product.

Net: 250g

Contains: Shellfish