Beluga Caviar Signature


Caviar De Neuvic - Beluga

Caviar De Neuvic Signature Beluga is distinguishable by its large eggs size and its grey shades. On the palate, its smooth texture melts and leaves a slight iodine taste and almond aromas.

We recommend taking the caviar tin out of the refrigerator 5 minutes before serving. Place it on ice to keep caviar fresh during a tasting. Use a mother-of-pearl spoon to preserve grains and avoid oxidisation.

Respect of the environment, fish welfare, research and innovation are the core values of Caviar de Neuvic. 

They fully control the fish farming and caviar production using 100% organic food for their sturgeons and giving them the best conditions to grow up, using constantly renewed crystal-clear water and low fish density. They also avoid handling the fishes too often to let them roam naturally in their habitat. 

Chefs Tip: Enjoy Beluga caviar on its own or pair it with blinis with a dash of sour cream. It also pairs beautifully with a scallops’ carpaccio, fresh salmon, scrambled or soft-boiled eggs or potatoes


How Caviar De Neuvic is Made