Sustainable Bluefin Tuna - Saku Block


Balfegó - Farm-Raised Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin tuna, the most prestige and luxurious of all fish but when caught in the wild are also the most endangered.

Our Bluefin tuna is caught using the 'purse-seine' technique, a highly sustainable fishing method designed for the non-capture of smaller fish. It also allows for the reproductive activity of the tunas even after their capture. Fishing quotas are allocated by ICCAT, a world-wide regulatory authority. Furthermore, a portion of the generated income from the tuna is used to fund scientific research projects that directly support the sustainability of this prized species.

Balfego's pioneering traceability process enables individual identification and accreditation of every single tuna and its parts. For each piece of Bluefin tuna that they sell, Balfego has a full record of Microbiological analysis and fat content of the tuna and can trace the product all the way back to the sea. 

On top of offering a guarantee of quality, this system allows Balfego to certify that each piece of tuna has been captured according to regulation, which ensures the continuity of the species and proves that Grup Balfego acts within the frame of International organization-assigned quotas.

Cooks Tip: Because of their delicious fatty meat bluefin tuna loin is best served raw and thinly sliced for sashimi and sushi preparations. However, it can be very quickly seared in a hot pan on all sides, sliced and served 'tataki' style with fresh ginger, chilli and ponzu.

All of our tuna is carefully prepared here in the UK as soon as they are delivered. We then use an IQF freezing technique that brings the temperature down to -30° in approximately 3 minutes. This ensures that the fish you receive, once defrosted, will be in perfect condition and offer the same performance as a fresh fish. Seared tuna will be deep pink - to dark red in the centre and our tuna can also be used as sashimi or tartar.

Image of 250g Bluefin Tuna Saku Block, Please note block shapes vary.