Japanese Wagyu a5 Sirloin Steak


Japanese Wagyu A5 - BMS 8-12 (Exceptional)

Japanese Wagyu A5 Wagyu beef comes from the Kuroge Washu breed and is rated the 'best in the world'.  Raised by hand in a respectful and devoted manner, it is then graded by the Japan Meat Grading association who grade the quality from the cross-section of the sixth and seventh rib. The criteria of quality include brightness, firmness and dryness of the meat, the visual quality of the marbling, and the shape of the whole carcass.

Wagyu cattle are provided with a comfortable and enjoyable life in the pristine natural environments of Japan, which includes over 70% naturally mountainous and forest-rich land. They are fed Japanese rice straw from Japanese rice paddies, which is indispensable in building the pure white colour of Wagyu’s marbled fat. Japan’s abundant sources of natural spring water further contribute to breeding healthy and strong wagyu.

Wagyu sirloin is one of the most beloved cuts of steak. Taken from the 11th rib down to the lower back, the finely textured, high-quality Wagyu cut features impeccably uniform sashi marbling. It's also an easy cut to cook which adds to its charm. When served Wagyu beef sirloin steak, the sweet unami-rich aroma wafts through the air, assaulting your senses and stimulating your appetite. Having cut through the velvety red meat like a hot knife through butter, putting a piece of Wagyu sirloin in your mouth imparts rich, sweet juiciness that saturates your senses. This is the most luxurious steak possible. Sirloin is also perfect for sukiyaki and shabu shabu courses.

Our Japanese Wagyu A5 sirloin steaks are lovingly prepared here in the UK. We sculpture the whole muscles to remove excess fat around the outside to create the maximum meat to fat ratio in order to offer the very best in the quality end product. 

Larger cuts come from bigger pieces of the whole striploin and work out better value if you are going to share. In this case, we recommend cooking over an open flame, bbq, or searing in a pan then and finishing in the oven if needed (700g+). After resting place on a board and carve for sharing. 

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Cooking tip: We recommend Japanese Wagyu steaks be cooked a little longer than normal - medium-rare or even medium. This allows the intramuscular fat to caramelize and become crisp which once rested still allows the steak to be perfectly tender while realising the true flavour of the wagyu. 

Steaks are not the only way to enjoy Wagyu. Traditional preparation methods include sukiyaki and shabu-shabu.

Sukiyaki simmers thinly sliced beef in a pot with vegetables, usually bathed in a sauce made with soy sauce, sugar and sake. A raw egg is served with the dish, used for dipping the beef after it's extracted from the broth.

Shabu-shabu is a light and healthy meal made with strips of meat even thinner than those used for sukiyaki. The beef strips are briefly cooked in a simmering kombu kelp broth.

Note: This A5 Wagyu Sirloin steak has been cut from fresh in the UK with excess fat removed, then ultra-quick frozen to offer the ultimate in freshness and quality. The ultra-rapid freezing process prevents large ice crystals forming that can damage cells and tissue fibres. Upon defrosting IQF Kobe or Wagyu steaks, you will find the same fantastic quality and performance as you would a fresh product.  

Wagyu steaks when cut discolours extremely quickly and the rapid freezing process helps prevent this.  Upon defrosting they can lose their bright colour but this is no way affects their fabulous eating quality and is purely cosmetic.

Origin: Hyogo Prefecture, Japan 

Authenticity: In 2007 Japan the Livestock Industry Association along with Wagyu breeders created a Universal Wagyu mark. This mark is proof of authenticity, signifying genuine, purebred Wagyu beef raised in Japan. The Universal Wagyu mark is used on blocks of beef and sliced meat in packs. 

You will find your ID number on the front of the pack and can check the authenticity of your purchase here

The image displayed is of a 350g A5 BMS 9 Wagyu Sirloin Steak.

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