Red King Crab Cluster - Cooked


Giant Red King Crab Leg Cluster - Cooked

(Paralithodes Camtschaticus)

Caught in the deep waters of the Bering sea the true red king crab is the most prized species of crab in the world.

King Crab is also the largest of all shellfish, with a shell that can measure up to 28cm and when a king crab is fully grown, including its giant legs, it can reach up to 180cm! Thanks to its great strength it is able to live up to 20 years and reach a weight of 12kg

Alive, red king crab is actually a dark burgundy in colour. When they are cooked they turn bright red with scarlet-red highlights on the top part of the shell. The meat is snow-white, with highlights of bright red.

Considered one of the best seafood in the world, Russian King Crab from our friends at CHATKA is praised and valued internationally by top chefs and restaurants thanks to its unique texture and flavour. Their wild capture and process onboard specifically designed boats make sure their properties are kept perfectly intact.

King crabs delicate flavour, its scarcity in calories and saturated fat, and lots of protein; with vitamin B12, C, magnesium and phosphorus, makes it a perfect choice for a balanced diet and a healthy spirit.

There are other, less desirable varieties of King crab available in the UK (not normally specified) and are as follows;

Blue King Crab: Caught in Alaska near St. Matthew Island and the Pribilof Islands, this species is known for its sweet meat and proportionally giant claws. Pribilof Island blue king crab are among the largest crab in the world.

Golden King Crab: Caught in the waters around the Aleutian chain islands, golden king crab is the smallest of the three main species. Their shells are golden-orange in colour. They have the mildest flavour of the three commercially-harvested types of king crab. 

Cooking Tip: This delicious king crab is ready to eat after defrosting, each leg providing plentiful meat along with meat from the shoulder. The claws are pliable and can easily be cut with scissors, the shoulder meat, however, requires a little more patience but is well worth the effort. 

The claws can be reheated under a grill or in the oven and are fantastic served with drawn butter or tarragon mayonnaise. 

NOTE: We try our best to select whole leg clusters but it is very common that legs and claws can pull away easily from the shoulder joint in transit or break across the main joints. In all cases, it is easier to dismantle to the crab in such a way before cooking.

Net: 3 legs, 1 Shoulder, 1 Claw

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