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Season: September - December

The white truffle has a short season and is found in the regions of Piedmont, Tuscany, Emilia Romagna and Marche in Italy. It comes into maturity after the September rains, after the first frost has passed. Once formed it ripens in a single day, unlike the Périgord black truffle that matures over a month to six weeks. White truffles are expensive because they are in high demand, difficult to find, and impossible to cultivate.
White truffles are ivory to chestnut in colour and upon inspection should have an aroma that is overwhelmingly pungent, clean, and sweet, springy to the touch but not soft. Any sign of beading or moisture will signify that the truffle is past it's best.
In terms of size and shape, size is good - it is better to have one truffle than two smaller ones of equal weight. Highly prized white truffles are perfectly spherical since lobes and folds can harbour decay. A truffle larger than the size of a hen's egg tends to carry a premium greater than it's worth. This is largely due to the high demand of restauranteur wishing to impress their customers.


Usage: All of our white truffles are supplied with notes on storage, cleaning, and preservation. White truffles should never be cooked at all but shaved as thinly as possible using a truffle slicer, over something hot, preferably buttery. We recommend 8-10g per person for the main course to really live the true white truffle experience! Always allow your white truffle to come to room temperature before using it to allow the aroma to develop greater than using straight from the fridge.

Fresh white truffles should always be kept in the coldest part of the refrigerator. Each truffle must be wrapped individually in an absorbent paper, making sure that it always remains dry.  To prevent the aromatic contamination of other foods, the fresh truffle can also be wrapped in absorbent paper and closed in a glass container, always in the refrigerator. This method allows the preservation of white truffles for no more than five days.

Origin: Italy

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