Octopus Legs - Cooked



The best raw materials and a proper cooking method are our secrets to achieving perfectly textured octopus that keeps all of its flavours.

Chefs Tip: Cooking Octopus is a from raw requires a fairly high skill level to preserve the flavour and obtain the all in important texture. These pre-cooked Octopus legs are perfect and delicious straight from the pack.

For best results, the legs can be cut into sections and roasted in a pan with olive oil, fresh chilli and garlic until the outside is caramelized and the inside is hot. Served with plentiful fine herbs such as fresh parsley, chives, chervil and tarragon and a squeeze of lemon, they work well with bitter leaves such as red endive for a perfect sunny day warm salad lunch.

Contains 2 Cooked Octopus Legs

Origin: Spain

Net: 280g