Yuzu Salt


Fleur De Sel with Yuzu Zest

The fleur de sel from Madagascar is the result of delicate craftsmanship and ideal weather conditions. It is at the surface of the saltworks of Ifaty that this thin layer of white crystal forms, during the evaporation of water, under the combined action of sun and wind.

The zest of yuzu, used in the making of this mixture, is from Japan. This Japanese fruit, which looks like a small lime, is harvested in October in Japan's Koshi prefecture. Its taste similar to that of mandarin and yellow grapefruit marries wonderfully with the fleur de sel from Madagascar.

Usage: Yuzu is a citrus fruit close to lime whose zest associated with the fleur de sel refreshes chocolate desserts, prawn salads and seafood tartare. This mixture of fleur de sel from Madagascar and yuzu will be a perfect match for white fish. falafel, mashed sweet potatoes or chocolate desserts.
Fleur de sel crystals are more delicate than coarse salt crystals. The lighter, finer texture of the fleur de sel makes it easier to penetrate food and dissolve faster. It is important to use it after cooking to avoid denaturing it.

Origin: Madagascar/Japan

Net Weight: 90g

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