Trappers Mix


This mixture is the result of a chance, a trapper from the far north of Canada spilt salt into his jar of maple sugar. Not wanting to spoil his precious sugar, he used the mixture obtained on his dried bison meat. Thus was born this great Quebec classic.

This mixture is based on salt and maple sugar nuggets obtained by evaporation at 123 °C of maple syrup. This syrup is for Quebecers what the baguette is to the French: an institution. However, its production is long and difficult: 40 litres of sap are needed to obtain 1 litre of syrup, and 100 litres of sap for 1 kg of sugar.

Trappers mix can be used as a flavoured fleur de sel, that is to say with absolutely everything, with savoury dishes, before cooking or after. Completely natural, without flavour enhancers, the trapper's mixture consists of onion, garlic, red pepper, pepper, coriander and oil.

This salty, spicy, sweet mixture is totally addictive and is an excellent marinade for pork.