Pink Peppercorns


Discovered in South America, this false pepper was reported on the island of Madagascar in the 19th century. Crushed or whole, these pink berries with a resinous fragrance, combine with salmon, carrot soup or courgette tagliatelle. Also, delicious in marinades and welcome addition to gin & tonic!

Pink pepper or pink berry is native to Reunion Island. The pink berries were known in the 17th century under the name of "Bourbon pepper" because they were cultivated on Reunion Island which bore the name of "Bourbon Island". Fruits of  Schinus terebinthifolia, these berries with sweet and slightly peppery flavours originate from Madagascar. They are sorted by the expert hands of Malagasy women. Only the red and mature berries are selected for their aromatic power.

Gently crush these berries between your fingers to release their vegetable notes of coriander and burnt juniper before adding them to your dish. On the palate, the pink berries have a soft texture and slightly bitter and woody flavours.

They go perfectly with marinated salmon, poached fish, white asparagus or fresh goat cheese.

Net: 35g