Penja White Peppercorns


Poivre Blanc De Penja

Penja white pepper is picked at optimum maturity, washed free of its pulp, and then sun-dried in the province of Moungo in Cameroon. All stages of production (harvesting, retting, washing, drying, sorting) are entirely manual and mainly carried out by the expert hands of the women of the village. Penja pepper now enjoys a worldwide recognized gastronomic success. In 2014, it became the first Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) of the African continent.  Its taste is powerful, with a woody aroma, and carnal notes. This pepper is the fruit of a giant liana, the Piper nigrum. It grows on a tree with rough and cracked bark that facilitates its ascent. Its pollination is done by the rain and the rich and fertile lands of Cameroon give Penja pepper an aroma and concentration of exceptional essential oils.

Usage: The volcanic and fertile lands of Penja give Penja white pepper fresh aromas of menthol and camphor. Crushed, it has a great length in the mouth.
It's animal notes are perfect with a game dish, red meat, also try it with oysters.
you can also try pepper on desserts ... Try it with a pear pie or strawberry from the garden with freshly squeezed lime juice. Seared pineapple with vanilla ice cream and a few pinches of Penja pepper.

Origin: Cameroon

Net Weight: 80g