Roasted Spice Mix


This harmonious blend of roasted spices will enhance soups, tomato carpaccios, marinated meats and crunchy vegetables. Its bitter but warm flavours, slightly sweet, and it's very assertive aromas will sublimate a chilli con carne or a lamb Parmentier.

Roasting gives the spices toasted aromas and toasted notes reminiscent of caramel and hazelnut. To develop the delicate aromas of the spices, the roasting operation is slow and delicate. Each spice is cooked!

Each spice in this mixture is roasted by hand, at a constant temperature and without the addition of fat. The temperature and the roasting time vary according to each type of spice, its size, its humidity and the taste that one wishes to obtain. 

This truly delicious mix is at its best when sprinkled on top of avocado on toast or added to Fleur De Sel for the ultimate seasoning. 

Net: 60g