Naga Chilli Pepper


Scoville scale: 9/10 (volcanic)

Naga is a hybrid chilli pepper obtained by crossing two varieties of extra strong chilli peppers: Naga Jolokia and Trinidad chilli pepper.

Harvested in Northern India in the Assam region, it was voted “the hottest chilli pepper in the world” in 2011 by the Guinness World Records.

This little naga chilli pepper is one of the most pungent in the world: it is rated 9/10 (volcanic) on the Scoville scale. You don’t eat it, you use it infused in cooking.

To get the best from its fruity and powerful flavour, it can be used whole in sauces or marinades. It will enhance your white fish in sauce, chili con carne, pizzas and flavoured oils, marinated meat, home-made risottos or gazpacho.

Use it sparingly! Don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly after handling it and where possible don’t handle directly and use gloves!