Rings Of Fire


The fire ring pepper spices up your tomato sauces, casseroles and guacamoles, without burning.

If in China you can eat it marinated with dried yak, here we advise you to add these small rings to your fish papillotes, your marinades of meats and other simmered dishes. It makes a visual sensation when dressing a dish. It is grown in the Yunnan region of southeast China.

These fire ring peppers also go well with homemade guacamole, chicken broth, grilled meat, white fish with fine meat, a salad or chocolate preparation.

It is best to add it at the end of cooking. Avoid handling it with bare hands. Prefer to use gloves. Avoid all contact with eyes.

This fire ring pepper is more powerful than Espelette pepper and less hot than bird chilli.

Scoville scale: 5/10 (strong)

Net: 15g