Wiri Wiri Chilli Pepper


Scovile Scale: 10/10 (Explosive)

In Guyana, recipes are a wonderful mix of creole, Chinese, African, Brazilian cuisine... Guyana cuisine uses a lot of Amazonian exotic products and so chillis are very present in the local dishes!

Cayenne chilli is one of the most famous chillis in the world and can be found in many varieties, including the Wiri Wiri chilli. The Wiri Wiri chilli grows on the edges of the tropical forest, where the climate is warm and moist. It is a member of the “Capsicum Frutescens” species.

The Wiri Wiri chilli is very strong, about 100,000 to 150,000 SHU (*SHU: Scoville Heat Unit). It is spicier than the red or green Jalapeno chillis but similar to the yellow Tabasco chilli. It has surprising aromas of tomato and its organoleptic properties are an excellent asset to have in your kitchen. Due to its very strong spiciness, it must be used sparingly. It is perfect for enhancing stews, soups, fajitas and sauces.