Amazon Chilli Pepper


Scoville Scale: 9/10 (Torrid)

The Amazon chilli from Colombia is very a strong chilli, amongst the hottest. Its fruity notes and its subtle acidity are similar to Tabasco chillis. It is harvested before being fully ripe which explains its pale yellow colour. It will enliven exotic saucy dishes and your pre-dinner dips.

Colombia gets its name from the explorer Christopher Columbus, who brought the first varieties of hot chillis back to Europe. Colombia benefits from the very fertile Amazon basin; it is one of the richest natural reserves in the world and the home region of hot chilli peppers. This is how this strong chilli got its name from the legendary river of the region: the Amazon.

The Amazon chilli is fruity with a subtle acidity similar to Tabasco chillis. These two chillis are part of the same “Capsicum Frutescens” species. The Amazon chilli has a distinctive pale yellow colour as it is harvested just before being fully ripe. A careful drying process preserves this colour together with all its organoleptic properties. The Amazon chilli is very strong, reaching 50,000 to 70,000 SHU* or Scoville units (*SHU: Scoville Heat Unit). Use this Amazon chilli to enliven sauces and soups, or for spicing up stews, meat dishes and dips.

It is important to note that this chilli releases its punch during the cooking process. The longer you cook it the spicier your dish will be. So, add it at the beginning or closer to the end depending on how hot you want your dish.

Net: 20g